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Which Longboard Is Best For Cruising?

which longboard is best for cruising

If you wonder, which is the best longboard for cruising? Refer to this guide discussing all features and types of cruiser longboards.

Cruising is one of the most common longboard riding styles but do you wonder which is the best longboard for cruising? Many riders, especially beginners, struggle with cruising just because they don't get the right longboard for cruising. Since longboarding has evolved over time, many riding styles and longboard types have been added to it.

Therefore, finding a longboard for a particular riding style is tricky. You need to consider things like your riding style requirements, longboard structure, materials, and critical parts of a longboard. To make things easier for you, I've composed this guide to discuss all the factors you need to consider while buying a new longboard for cruising.

Which Longboard Is Best For Cruising?

What Is Cruising?

Cruising is a leisure longboard riding style in which you ride smoothly without performing any tricks. Longboard cruising is performed in a relaxed manner, and this style is adopted on the less challenging terrains, streets, and city roads. Also, cruising is linked to everyday riding, and this style is adopted for daily commute on smooth terrains. Cruising is further divided into multiple types, including downhill cruising, boardwalk cruising, long-distance cruising, and commuter cruising.

What Are Crusier Longboards?

Since cruising is the easiest riding style, it puts the least demands on the longboards. The major concern of riders in this riding style is comfort and relaxation so that they can enjoy the ride with an untiring experience. Therefore cruiser longboards are made with maximum stability and ease of riding in mind. Cruiser longboards have maximum flex, long and flat decks, and big wheels to ensure the safety and comfort of riders. Here are different types Of Cruiser Longboards.


Mini cruisers are portable and lightweight longboards mainly designed for campus commute, city sidewalks, and boardwalk cruising. General features of mini cruisers are

  • Length Range: 26-24 inches
  • Tail Designs: Square Or Swallow
  • Wheels Diameter: 60-75 mm
  • Truck Mounting: Top-Mount

Mini Crusier longboards have a surfboard-type shape with a square tail and top-mount truck design. These features make the quick turning a breeze and enhance the rider's stability. Also, they use big soft wheels for better traction over the bumps and uneven surfaces. These types of longboards use RKP or TKP turny trucks in top-mount styles, making them perfect for quick and nimble turning.

Pintail Cruiser Longboards

Pintail longboards are designed explicitly for relaxed riding and are beginner-friendly longboards. These longboards have a flat deck with medium flex for maximum stability and impressive impact performance. Pintail longboards are perfect for longer trips and outdoor adventures like beach and cross country rides. Also, this type of longboard is perfect for downhill cruising for its impressive stability. These are the common features of pintail longboard cruisers.

  • Length Range: 36-44 inches
  • Tail Designs: Flat
  • Wheels Diameter: 65-75 mm
  • Truck Mounting: Top-Mount

Pintail longboards have Carvey RKP types trucks in top-mount style for ease of turning. Moreover, a flat tail coupled with a round nose and the long deck takes the stability to a whole new level. The wide diameter of wheels with soft grippy tires makes the longboard perfect for all-terrain types and enhances the impact performance for an untiring experience.

Drop-Through Cruiser Longboards

Drop-through longboards are another good choice for cruising. With drop-through truck style, these longboards are close to the ground. Plus, their wider wheelbase and flat deck make them impressively stable. These longboards lack portability but offer a smooth and steady experience over long-distance rides. Here are some features of drop-through longboards.

  • Length Range: 35-43 inches
  • Tail Designs: Flat
  • Wheels Diameter: 64-80 mm
  • Truck Mounting: Drop-Through

The longboard decks sit close to the ground for sustained pushing and carving for downhill riding. The cutout shapes and extra-large wheels offer impressive ground clearance making the longboard perfect for long-distance cruising.

How To Make A Custom Longboard For Cruising?

If you don't find a suitable choice in these three categories, the next option you have is the custom longboard. You can buy different parts of the longboard and assemble them to make a longboard that is perfectly in line with your needs. So here is all you need to know about a custom longboard for cruising.

Longboard Length

The first feature you need to consider is the longboard length. The ideal cruiser length is 34-46 inches. If you are a complete beginner, it is recommended to find a deck having a length between 40-46 inches. The increased surface area lets you stand well-balanced. Also, longer boards absorb dips to make your rides exceptionally stable.

However, if you are experienced enough to tackle a little bit of instability and faster speeds, you should opt for a shorter length. Shorter longboards are a little less stable but offer exceptional speeds. Also, mini longboards are compact, and you can stash them in the backpack.

If you are looking for a versatile longboard that you can use for both daily commute and outdoor cruising adventure, the ideal length is between 38-42 inches. Longobards in this range are neither too fast nor too slow. Also, you will enjoy stability and comfort, making the longboard perfect for long-distance rides and downhill cruising.


Once you are done with the length, you have to decide whether you want a flexible or stiff longboard. Flexible longboards are hard to push but offer better impact performance on uneven and bumpy terrain. However, if you want to customize the longboard for everyday commute and campus cruising, getting the stiff longboard is the better choice. Stiff longboards are easy to push, and you can ride them on a flat surface with maximum comfort and stability.

Wheel Design

Another feature you need to consider is the wheel design. Since cruising is an easy-riding style, any wheel design will work for you. However, if you are interested in cross-country or downhill cruising, you should go for a square shaped wheel for improved traction and stability. If you want to create a longboard for daily commute on busy streets and campus way you should look for sharp-lip wheel designs. Sharp-lip wheels have better traction, and you can take sharp turns safely and quickly.


What are good longboards for cruising?

For cruising, you need a longboard that offers maximum stability and comfort. When choosing a longboard, you should look for a longboard with medium-grade flex, a wider wheelbase, and close to the ground deck. Also, you should look for soft and sharp tip wheels for enhanced traction and turning ability.

What are the best longboard wheels for cruising?

If you cruise on even roads like city roads, campus ways, or streets, you should look for soft and sharp-lip wheels for their impressive turning ability. For long-distance rides and challenging adventures like downhill cruising, you should look for a square of round-lip wheels for maximum stability and better impact performance.

What type of longboard is best for cruising?

Drop-through cruiser longboards are perfect for cruising. These longboards are close to the ground have flat decks and a wider wheelbase taking their stability to a whole new level. Also, drop-through mounting enhances the ground clearance making them ideal for sharp and quick turns.

What is the best longboard for cruising and carving?

Sector 9 Mini Lookout pintail longboard is the best longboard for cruising and carving. The longboard with its medium-grade flex, Cravey style top-mount trucks, and built-in agility offers the best cruising and carving experience on all terrain types.

What is the best sector 9 longboard for cruising?

Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Drop through Complete Longboard is the best longboard for cruising. This longboard uses high-quality custom-made wheels and an oversized deck, making it exceptionally stable. Also, its drop-through truck mounting offers decent ground clearance making it ideal for cruising and carving.

What longboard is best for cruising?

Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Cruises Longboard is one of the best longboards for cruising. It features maple construction for medium-grade flex and a 36-inch deck for excellent speed. The weight holding capacity of this longboard is exceptional, and with a pintail deck, it allows you to take sharp and quick turns with maximum ease.

What is longboard cruising?

Longboard cruising refers to a smooth and fluid riding style. The style is adopted for everyday commutes and long-distance rides. In this riding style, the riders do not perform any trick and move smoothly and steadily.


We can safely conclude that choosing the right type of longboard for a particular riding style is crucial to enjoying a safe and untiring ride. Cruising being the simplest riding style, does not put restrictions, and you have a wide range of longboards to choose from. The best way to choose a longboard is to calculate your needs first. You must consider the terrain type on which you ride, your longboarding experience, and your interests. In this guide, I've put loads of effort into explaining everything in layman's terms and hoping that it will help you make a wise decision.

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