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How To Clean Grip Tape

Owning a skateboard is amusing but you should also know all the tactics for cleaning and maintaining it. Proper maintenance of skateboard grip tape is necessary in order to reduce resistance and traction. If you are facing a problem in riding your skateboard, it means that it needs to be cleaned. A dirty and sticky skateboard grip tape will be challenging for the user to have a smooth ride.

Different and effective methods are used to clean the grip tape of a skateboard easily. Well, in this article, you will find the most useful and simple method of how to clean grip tape in order to have an unruffled and mellow riding experience. Appropriate cleaning of grip tape will ameliorate your performance and confidence. Read the article carefully so that you cannot neglect any point.

How To Clean Grip Tape

Skaters most of the time ignore maintaining their skateboards, which impacts its performance. It is not important that you regularly clean your skateboard but after 2 to 3 times of usage, you need to have a look at it. Fixing whatever is disturbing your riding experience needs to be adjusted straight away. Most of the time the grip tape of skateboards becomes dirty as there is a lot of unwanted waste on the roads, which sticks to the grip tape.

If you do not take notice of it then it will become permanent and will affect your riding quality. Before you face a problem in riding it is important to examine the problem on time. Grip tape will help the user to ride the skateboard in different styles as it supports the user by providing perfect gripping. Once you get a grip you will be able to show your skills in a divergent way.

 The only thing that ruins your riding style and skill is the rough and dirty grip tape. You need to clean it first to regain your riding capabilities. Well, here are some tips that will help you clean grip tape efficiently at your home. Follow the article and choose the method that you feel is the most effective

Method of Cleaning Grip Tape

Following are the steps to clean a dirty grip tape of a skateboard;

Materials Required

  • Water
  • Cloth towel or a clean paper
  • Soft wire brush
  • Rubber cement eraser or grip gum

Wet Your Grip Tape

The first and most important step before cleaning a grip tape is to wet it. Wetting your grip tape is just like giving your skateboard a bath to clean it easily. Keep in mind that you should not fully soak it, instead just pour water on the grip tape of a skateboard. Sometimes people soak the whole skateboard, which is simply a terrible idea as it will lower its quality and reduce its functioning. So, you need to water the dirty area of the grip tape so that you can simply proceed to its cleaning process.

Brush In Circles And Spirals

The second step after pouring water on the grip tape is cleaning it using a brush. It is better to circulate the brush during cleaning because circular motion will extract all the dirt quickly and easily. Make sure that you use a soft brush instead of a hard wire brush. Use soapy water, dip your brush in it, and then rub it softly on a grip tape. You should not rub it too harshly as it will reduce its gripping. Keep on brushing until all the dirt is removed.

Wipe All The Dirt

After brushing you can again pour water in order to clean out the dirt. You can use a wet towel or paper to clean the grip tape so that you can remove the dirt properly and deeply. After this step, if you still see some dust on the grip tape then you can again use the brush to clean it. Continue this step until it is fully cleaned and appears wiped.

Now, at last, you can even use an eraser to provide proper finishing to grip tape. You can find this gum in any store. This gum looks like an eraser, which is designed in a way to wipe up all the remaining dirt and gives proper finishing to it. After following all these steps you will notice that your grip tape will become new. You need to keep it for some time in order to dry it so that you can reuse it again.


Can you clean the grip tape?

Yes, you can clean a grip tape easily by using different methods. The best way of cleaning a grip tape is by using gum as it will remove all the dirt quickly by giving it a new look.

What household items can you use to clean your grip tape?

You can also clean your grip tape by using household items, which include a soft brush, soapy water solution, window cleaner, wet cloth, and belt sander cleaner.

How do you clean grip tape without a cleaner?

To clean your grip tape without a cleaner you can use a rubber cement eraser, brush, and gum.

How long does Griptape last?

After proper maintenance and cleaning a grip tape can last for almost six months to two years. You can even increase its lifetime by proper cleaning.


Well, coming to the conclusion and I hope that you have learned and gathered a lot of information from this article. There is nothing in this world that you can’t do but all you need to do is to research and find ways to make things better. Now, you simply need to clean your grip tape after some time in order to maintain its quality and working efficiency. Follow the above four steps to give a renewed look to your skateboard grip tape.

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