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What Is A Surfskate?

You might have heard about skateboarding and longboarding but surf skating is something new and exciting. They all might resemble or look the same but have noticeable differences. Surf skating has evolved over the years and is liked by many. If you like going surfing or are planning to visit overseas this summer, using a surf skate can be a good option for practice on dry land.

A detailed article is given to people who are willing to use this type of board. It has different dimensions and can be bought according to the person’s size. Read the article given below so you can know some thumb rules along with the tips and tricks. The information might help you purchase a good surf skate for yourself.

What Is A Surfskate?

A surf skate is a skateboard that comes with a different front truck so you can get the feeling of surfing on land. The special design of the truck allows everyone to cruise on the streets or surf terrains. This is a great invention that comes with spring load suspension. Even if you are a beginner or a pro, you can stimulate the ride forward by using the back-and-forth motion technique. Hence these special trucks replicate the feeling of snowboarding on a cold winter evening.

Surfskating has become very popular because it is similar to skateboarding. The unique feeling of surf skating can be experienced in parks and footpaths. Many experts say that surf skating is completely different from longboarding or snowboarding but it resembles them a lot. You can generate the speed and increase the carving ability. As mentioned above, a surf skate comes with a spring pivot adapter that can help you pump easily

This sport was invented back in the 1960s when people wanted to surf on a flat surface. Most movements of the surf skate are the same as snowboarding so it gives you a very close experience. Surf skating evolved in the 20th century and these boards are now available in different sizes and colors. Surfstakes make short turns that are extremely easy to learn. You just need to practice balancing your weight when surfing. If you want to learn more about surfing, keep on reading the article till the end.

How Does Surfskate Work?

A skateboard, longboard, and surf skate might look the same but they have completely different working mechanisms. Surf skate has a special design that helps people to experience the same feeling as surfing on the waves. Although you cannot have the same experience but something similar can be felt when surfing on the roads or in parks. When compared with skateboard and longboard, surf skate relies on a rotating arm that is attached to the truck.

This rotating arm helps you move from rail to rail as it adds to the axis of rotation. The maneuverability of the surf skate makes some dramatic noises as the weight is balanced throughout the board. The front truck mounted on the rotating arm allows the board to change directions. On the other hand, skateboards and longboards rely on traditional kingpins and turn along the axis point. Hence the working mechanism of a surf skate is different from skateboard and longboard.

Who uses Surfskate?

As mentioned above, surf skates were introduced in the 1960s by Carver Skateboards. The main reason for making this specific design was to cater to the surfers. They could use the surf skate and practice on flat and dry days. This is not limited to surfers only. People who like to surf but are unable to go to sea or hardly get time can use the surf skate and train. The reason that people other than surfers use surf skate is that it has a unique style.

You can get your hands on different surf skates and each one of them can be used for a different purpose. Surf skating has evolved over the years and is now done by people other than surfers. This is a new way of skating that can be enjoyed by everyone. It is not restricted to surfers only, anyone who has used a skating board can easily ride on a surf skate too. Although the working mechanism is different, you can work it out by learning a few tips and tricks.

Surfskate Grip

The grip of the surf stake is a material that is used on the surface of the deck. This fine layer separates your foot and the deck and adds to the comfort and stability. As mentioned stability is essential when you surf so the grip prevents you from slipping as well. It does not only have a grainy surface but is sometimes made with rubber to keep you stable.

Many renowned brands use sandpaper as a grip on surf skates. This provides stability as your feet do not move when surf skating. Sometimes the grip can resemble a thin rubber pad with a grainy surface. It is best if the grip covers the entire length of the deck so you do not have any problem when moving forward or backward to speed up.

Shape Of Surfskate

The shape of a surf skate is also very important as it has a direct impact on your surfing. You do not have to check the shape of the deck only but also consider the size of the wheelbase and the front truck. The length of the wheelbase should be measured from the truck hole and not from the top. You can make quick turns and perform tricks if the kicktail of the surf skate has leverage.

 It helps in moving forward when you have to generate the speed. Whereas a flat tail will not allow you to perform tricks and you’ll ride straight. A concave deck will help you make aggressive carves. This might not be a good option for people who have a shoe size bigger than 9 to 10. It can be extremely uncomfortable and irritating

Dimensions Of Surfskates

You can find many surf skates and all of them are different from one another. Some major differences can be observed which include the length of the decks. A simple rule is followed by the surfers which helps them choose the right surf skate. A person who is tall and heavy should go for a long surf skate. Whereas, a short and petite person will opt for a small surf skate and light. This is the basic rule followed by everyone who wants to experience surfing on land.

It was found that shorter surf skates are more likely to be unstable because they do not have enough space. When you step onto the surf skate, you should look for stability. The maximum length of a surf skate wheelbase should be 30 to 40 inches. This helps you to ride effortlessly and achieve maximum efficiency when on a flat surface. A wheelbase with a longer length can also be used but it might decrease the efficiency.

People can choose a surf skate according to their size and weight. The minimum length should not be less than 30 inches. Whereas the maximum length of the wheelbase should not be more than 40 inches. If you weigh 80 kg or more, you should buy a surf skate between 33 to 36 inches to stay stable on the board. Hence it is important to consider the size and length of the surf skate when you plan on purchasing one for your surfing practice.

Difference Between Surf Skating, Longboarding, and Skateboarding

As mentioned above, there is a major difference between surf skating and skateboarding when it comes to shape, size, or the dimensions of the board. The wheel size of the surf skate and skateboard is also different from one another. If you are a pro, you would easily differentiate by standing on the board even if they look alike. You can feel the difference between the ride and your movement on the board. You all might know that skateboarding is for doing tricks around the street.

Whereas, a longboard is used for riding down the hill or cruising around in the evening. When it comes to surf skating, it can give you the feel of surfing but on land. Although people think of it to be the same as longboarding because there is a lot of movement in them but they are different. Body movement for surfing is opposite to what you will have to do in longboarding or skateboarding. A surf skate will allow making quick turns and movements.

Your feet will have to stay stable but you’ll have to manage the body movements. All the balance is maintained by your hips and shoulders. Most of the movement is done by the upper body while the feet stay relatively stable. Moreover, you have to use your feet when you want to move in the forward direction when using a longboard or a skateboard. Whereas, your feet are not used when you want to maintain speed or move ahead during surf skating.

Hence surf skating allows you to surf for as long as you wish to only if you are on the right terrain. This cannot be done when using a longboard or a skateboard because you’ll have to push for it. This is the reason people prefer using a surf skate rather than the other two boards because it is easy to ride. The basic tricks are the same but you can surf effortlessly and enjoy yourself without having to go to the sea area during vacations.


What is the purpose of surf skate?

The main purpose of using a surf skate is to experience surfing on land. You get to feel and have an experience of surfing without going to the sea. Many pro surfers use surf skate to surf on dry lands as a practice when they are away from the waves.

What is the difference between a skateboard and a surf skate?

The main difference between a skateboard and a surf skate is its length. A surf skate is a long, traditional board that helps people experience surfing on dry lands. Whereas a skateboard allows people to perform tips and tricks with the board.

Is surf skating good for long distances?

No, a surf skate is not a good option for a long distance because it can be extremely tiring. If you like or plan on covering long distances, you should buy a longboard. It will help you cover the distance easily by going straight.

Can you go fast on surf skate?

Yes, you can go fast on a surf skate by changing your body movements. The feet are stable and you will have to move your hip and shoulders to generate the speed of the surf skate. Your feet do not touch the ground but your speed will increase for as long as you want to ride.

How do I learn to surf skate?

It is important to learn foot and body movements if you want to learn to surf skate. Although the basic rules are the same as skateboarding, your feet have to stay stable on the board.


A detailed article with information on what is a surf skate is given to help people who plan on practicing this sport. This has evolved and gained popularity because people play it more often. You can get to experience and feel surfing without having to go overseas. It is important to consider the dimensions of the surf skate as it plays an important role in your stability. I hope this article was informative and helpful for future purposes.

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