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Can You Put Longboard Wheels On A Skateboard?

The majority of skateboard enthusiasts try different hacks to perform better on the ramp. Sometimes these hacks work, but most of the time, riders end up in a sheepish mood. In my opinion, you should never alter the functions and settings of the board without having experience or knowledge about it. Anyhow, beginners often ask that they can put bigger wheels on normal boards. The trend of setting longboard wheels in skateboards is growing as every third American adult is a fan of skateboarding.

The answer to your question is, yes, you can put longboard wheels on a skateboard. But the question arises, does it really work? Well, putting longboard wheels on a skateboard is acceptable but it is not as cool as it seems. I did this hack and tested my skateboard a few months ago. I used board on the ramp and tried to perform many complicated tricks, including the most difficult one ollie. But my experience was unpleasant. Let’s discuss deeply, why it is not worth putting on new wheels.

Can You Put Longboard Wheels On A Skateboard?

Nowadays, as beginners join the skateboard team, they start applying hacks on the board. The source of information for these hacks is some websites. But riders do not know that most of those websites have wrong information, they are leading skaters in the wrong direction. Well, after searching for how to improve my skateboard skills, I found out that putting on longboard wheels can help you. I bought a couple of wheels and installed them on my preferred skateboard.

First, the removal procedure was completely easy, but when I tried to run the board, it caused difficulty. A skateboard with longboard wheels is useful for paved and flat surfaces but not for ramps. I also drew other conclusions, and my result was that longboard wheels are suitable in certain circumstances.

Benefits Of Putting Longboard Wheels On A Skateboard

As I have mentioned before, it is suitable for particular conditions. The performance also varies according to the skills of the rider, the area where you skate as well as your skating style. In the end, it is up to you whether this hack suits your personality or not.

Enhanced Speed

Longboard wheels are good for long distances. Basically, their size is bigger than the skateboard wheels and softer enough. On the other hand, skateboard wheels are perfect for technical tricks and running on the ramp. These wheels are smaller and harder than cruisers and longboards.

Size and level of rigidity create a huge difference between both of these wheels. The first one provides more speed and enables the rider to go longer than usual. If you are a skateboard user, you might know that it is a tiresome job to run consistently for more than an hour. That is because shorter wheels need more energy to go further because of their small size. But as longboard wheels are bigger, they save your energy and help you reach your destination in a short period.

Mostly, skateboarders use longboard wheels because of speed. These wheels are bigger, so they cover more of the surface than their competitors. Hence, if you are planning to use the skateboard to wander around the town for grocery shopping or meeting up with friends, you should install longboard wheels.

Better Gripping

Bigger wheels cover more area of the terrain, that’s why they provide better gripping. Actually, the longboard wheels are recommended for those who suffer from difficulty managing the board on a flat surface. On the other hand, shortboard wheels are not as suitable as bigger ones because they have smaller contact patches. Therefore, you should install the longboard wheels in case of gripping problems.

Negative Sides Of Putting Longboard Wheels On Skateboard

Wheel Bitting

The first problem that occurred when I installed the bigger wheels was wheel biting. And you might know that it is inevitable to prevent the bitting problems if you do not have appropriate size wheels. Well, the skateboard deck is different from a longboard; in simple words, the deck is smaller and shorter. So when you put the bigger wheels, they cause problems like wheel biting. It will not only ruin the board’s surface but will also change the alignment of the decks.

If you are thinking that you can use slightly bigger wheels such as 65 mm then you should change your thoughts. The standard size of longboard wheels is between 65 mm to 75 mm. 75 mm is too much, and even 65 mm wheels also cause wheel biting. I recommend you to not use bigger wheels with the small trucks.

Performing Tricks Is Difficult

Another barrier the bigger wheels cause is the difficulty in performing complicated tricks. The small wheels provide sufficient clearance, while others do not leave space between the wheels and the board. Plus, the wheels are a bit heavier as compared to its competitors. One faces difficulty while lifting up the board, performing ollie, jumping, and running on the ramp. Straightforwardly, the wheels are not suitable for the stunts, so if you want to smash the ramp, you must not use them.

Should Beginners Use Longboard Wheels On Normal Board

Experts advise beginners to use longboards because they provide enough balance, are easy to run, and are the best option to learn the skateboard. As far as the concern is about putting wheels on normal boards, it is a big no. You can measure the height of the truck and the size of the board; they are not good for the bigger wheels. In case you install them, the wheels will lower balance, decrease control and cause complications in learning the board. Therefore, beginners should not use longboard wheels.

Instead, a longboard with bigger wheels can help you because its deck is higher and wider. Plus, the deck is made for bearing the pressure and aligning wheels while running the board. So, use long skateboards for learning, and for tricks, go for the normal boards without alerting wheels. Anyway, there is a way one can make the longboard wheels a bit beneficial.

What Should I Do Before Changing The Wheels?

The major problem of wheel biting occurs because of less clearance. If you are successful in increasing the space between wheels and board, you can get positive results. For this purpose, you should use bigger and longer trucks. They are higher and wider and will provide beneficial results.

You can also use riser pads to increase the height of the deck. It will probably provide a 1 or 2 inches difference between wheels and board. But still, they will not help you perform the complicated tricks, and you can face serious consequences if you choose the wrong truck. But if you still want to test longboard wheels, then I have a way for you.

How To Put Longboard Wheels On A Skateboard

When I installed the wheels on my board, it took 15 to 20 minutes maximum. The process is very simple if all the tools are available. However, after putting new wheels, do not waste the previous ones. The skateboard wheels are usually durable so you can use them with other boards. Here is a short list of required objects.

  • 65 mm wheels
  • Harder riser pads
  • Bearings
  • Hex/ allen key
  • 1 ½ bolts
  • ½ riser pads

Step 1

Now that you have gathered all the tools and required objects, we should start our work. The first step is to unfasten the wheels. For this purpose, you are required to loosen the axle nuts. Put the allen into a nut and move it anticlockwise. Do not put extra pressure on the nut; repeat this step with every wheel of the board.

Step 2

The next step is to remove the bearings. When I change wheels, I put new bearings instead of using the previous ones. Mostly, the bearings wear out within a few months, so you should change them every 2 to 3 months. To remove the bearings from the axle, twist them slowly and take them outward

Step 3

After removing the bearings and wheels, you should also unfasten the trucks; otherwise, you cannot raise the height of the deck. Use a wrench or skateboard tool to loosen the nuts. There are a few boards with different kinds of trucks, in case of having unique products take the assistance of experts. Add ½ inches of riser pads on both the front and back sides of the deck and put the truck back on the board. Check that the truck is 100% aligned and the nuts are tightened enough to provide a stable ride.

Step 4

You have completed the half task, and the further procedure is about assembly. The previous bearings you have removed are useful. Now attach the bearings to the wheel and slightly put them in the truck. Before you set the wheels on the axle, clean and oil them properly; now, start pushing the wheels into the axle and assemble them correctly. Repeat the procedure for the rest of the three wheels.

Step 5

You have successfully installed the latest wheels on the boards. The next task is to tighten the nuts and bolts. Aging uses the allen key and twists it in a clockwise direction. Do not overtighten otherwise, the strength may damage the threads of the bolt.

Step 6

The next step is not actually a step but rather a test. You have correctly installed the bigger wheels in the board but do not use the skateboard on the ramp without examining the paved way. So take a test and run the board for at least 1 hour. Make sure that the wheels are not generating any sound, the deck is safe from wheel biting, and the board is running on the ramp without losing balance. Start with a slow speed and then increase it gradually. Do not try stunts at the initial stage; use the helmet and safety pads for a secure ride.

Do You Need To Put Longboard Wheel Bearings On Skateboard?

People often use longboard wheel bearings while installing the wheels. But they do not know that these bearings are not suitable for skateboarding. The bearings are made to resist high pressure. Moreover, they also provide more protection as they are made of steel. These bearings decrease friction perfectly if you oil them.

But the riders who are fans of stunts and technical tricks use the skateboard bearings. These bearings are made of rigid material to tolerate bumps, thumps, and shocks. They provide excellent performance if you run the board on a ramp and are used for downhill rides. Hence, it is up to you whether you choose the longboard wheel bearings or the other one.

Should I Use Longboard Wheels On Skateboard?

There is no restriction to use the bigger size wheels. They are not bad, but they can impact your performance negatively. Moreover, the purpose behind altering the setting is to find out why you want to change the wheels of your skateboard. You should use small wheels for stunt purposes, but for balance and grip, use bigger ones. Additionally, you can also extend the height of the deck by using rise pads if you want to test the bigger wheels. I can show you both sides, only you have the power to select which way suits you.


Is there a difference between longboard wheels and skateboard wheels?

There are many factors that make a cruising longboard the best, and these factors vary from one person to another. However, there are a few critical features that remain the same in all cases. They are the length of the deck and the durometer of the cruising longboard wheels. These two features make a cruising longboard the best and set it apart from the rest.

Is it easier to skate or longboard?

The Atom Drop Through - 41 inches Longboard is hands down the best longboard for cruising. This model has been constructed from maple, which makes it highly durable. Moreover, the deck of the longboard has been laminated. In addition to that, it has a drop-through deck design that offers better stability and comes with ABEC 9 bearings which enhances the speed of the cruising longboard.

Can longboards go on bumpy roads?

The Atom Drop Through - 41 inches Longboard is hands down the best longboard for cruising. This model has been constructed from maple, which makes it highly durable. Moreover, the deck of the longboard has been laminated. In addition to that, it has a drop-through deck design that offers better stability and comes with ABEC 9 bearings which enhances the speed of the cruising longboard.


It is true that some hacks can improve the performance of a skateboard, but all tricks are applicable. Think twice before following a hack guide because, in case of the wrong setting, you may face unbearable consequences. However, in this article, I answered, “can you put longboard wheels on a skateboard?” I also discussed the pros and cons of bigger wheels and 6 simple steps to change the wheels. I hope you find this guide helpful; thank you!

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