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How to Carry a Skateboard

Owning a skateboard isn’t enough but also you should know all the tactics for using and managing it. A professional skater always knows how to handle a skateboard. Moreover, one of the most important things is how to carry a skateboard in a well-mannered way. There are specific ways a skater carries a skateboard, which basically depend upon its size and weight.

Carrying a skateboard is somewhat challenging but there are some tips that will make it easy for you to hold it for a definite period of time. In this article, I have shared ways how to carry a skateboard in an appropriate manner in order to make your holding experience manageable. Read the article carefully to get an idea of grabbing a skateboard comfortably and correctly.

How To Carry A Skateboard

Some people hold skateboards in different ways just to make them look cooler, stylish, and attractive. Every person has their own style of holding a skateboard that they found easy and simple too. There are some ways of carrying a skateboard that are generally followed but still, there are some ways that people do not even know. Well, you need to read this article till the end in order to explore what other unique and different ways are used to carry a skateboard.

Proper gripping makes it super easy for the individual to hold a skateboard without feeling tired or discomfort. If you are planning to carry a skateboard from one place to another so you can simply use the carrying case. A carrying case will easily help you carry a skateboard for longer distances. Holding a skateboard correctly is necessary so as to reduce the chances of injuries and wounds.

Method Of Carrying Skateboard

Here are some basic tips and tricks for carrying a skateboard, which will provide you with a comfortable holding experience. Following the different ways will help you carry a skateboard without any hassle. You just need to make sure that you follow these steps accurately to make your carrying experience convenient.

1. Mall Grab

Mall Grab is the first and most unique way of carrying a skateboard precisely. Also, many people use this method commonly in order to grab their skateboard. This method of holding a skateboard is simply easy and comfortable. Carrying a skateboard this way is the personal choice of many skaters.

Well, for grabbing your skateboard this way you just need to hold its truck hanger while the grip tape will face toward you. The below area of your skateboard will be outwards. Holding your skateboard this way will make your grip super tight and you will be able to carry it anywhere without feeling exhausted.

2. Carrying A Skateboard With Griptape Out

Another way of carrying a skateboard is by holding it with grip tape. This is another common way of carrying a skateboard handily. You just need to extend your arm, hold on to the skateboard with grip tape out, and balance it. At the start, you will feel difficulty in balancing but gradually you will be able to make a perfect grip.

Make sure that you properly roll over your hand around a skateboard so that you cannot lose your grip. This is a simple way of holding and perhaps it is less tiring. Also, while holding a skateboard this way you just need to put the grip tape in an upwards direction, which will prevent spoiling or staining your clothes.

3. Carrying A Skateboard With Griptape In

Well, you can also carry a skateboard with grip tape in as it makes the best center grip. You just need to hold a skateboard by facing the grip tape inward or simply towards your body. For appropriate gripping and balancing make sure that the skateboard should be close to your hip side. Holding your skateboard like this is not tough as it does not require any hard and tough rules.

4. Pinching The Board

Another different style of carrying a skateboard is by pinching the board. This is a simple way of holding it as you just need to hold it by facing the grip tape toward the world. Make sure that you keep a skateboard in the center and hold it tightly to your thumb to make a smooth grip.

At the same time, you need to put all your fingers on the back side of the skateboard. This way is somewhat simple but sometimes it gives you hand cramps and aches. To make yourself a master at holding your skateboard this way, you need to practice it several times.

5. Carrying a Skateboard On Shoulders

Carrying a skateboard on your shoulders will keep up a good holding balance because your shoulders will support the weight of the skateboard easily. Make sure that you horizontally keep up a skateboard on your shoulder, and rest it on the bones for support by resting the deck on the neck side. You can grip your skateboard from your forearm so that it does not fall or slip.


How do skaters carry their skateboards?

Well, there are different ways through which skaters carry their skateboards. The most common ways are mall grabbing and holding a skateboard while facing trucks out.

How do you carry a skateboard in a backpack?

Carrying a skateboard on a backpack is the easiest method as you simply need to put it inside the carrying bag for later use.

What is a mall-grabbing skateboard?

Mall grabbing is a way when you hold a skateboard by sliding down the truck’s hanger.


Well, I hope that now you have got an idea of how to carry a skateboard without causing any hand strain or external injury. Following these methods will somehow make it super easy for you to carry a skateboard from one place to another. These methods will help you carry the skateboard smoothly by eliminating the pain or challenges.

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