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How To Hang A Skateboard On The Wall

Nothing is impossible when it comes to doing something creative, artistic, and inventive. People who skateboard daily can hang it on the wall instead of putting it underneath the furniture. The skateboard on the walls looks like a unique piece of wall decoration. Skateboards are of attractive design, which means that they deserve a spot where they can be visibly seen. Also, individuals can pick it up easily whenever they are planning to go out for a skateboard ride.

 Well, many of you must be assuming how to hang a skateboard on the wall. A little effort and research will make your work effortless and flawless. In this article, I have explained the most convenient steps of hanging a skateboard on the wall in order to get a frame-like appearance.

How To Hang A Skateboard On The Wall

Hanged skateboards on the walls look super cool and attractive. There are ways you can hang a skateboard on the wall, which depends upon your choice of hanging. Sometimes people put their skateboards under their beds, which causes moisture damage and then it is of no use or advantage.

It is better to hang your skateboards up on the wall for a good wall view in order to prevent humidity or wetness. Many people use nails to hole the walls for hanging their skateboards. Some people go for other options as they don’t want to drill holes in their walls. Read the article, to find out which method is more convenient to follow.

Different Methods

Well, here are some incredible ideas and methods of hanging skateboards on your walls. You can choose any method that falls in your favor.

1. Plastic Hooks

Plastic hooks are the most common and economical to use for hanging up a skateboard on the wall. It allows you to hang a skateboard without drilling holes inside the wall. Before you buy the plastic hook for hanging a skateboard make sure that you check its weight capacity.

Skateboards are heavy and sometimes lightweight hooks are unable to lift them for a longer period of time. Plastic hooks are quite adhesive, which makes them reliable and durable. The best plastic hook has the capacity to hold a weight of about 2 lbs or 4 lbs as they are quite sticky.

2. Mono Fishing Nylon

Mono-fishing nylon is another better option for hanging a skateboard on the wall. The mono fishing nylon is the quite a thin but flexible wire that can easily hold up a skateboard. These wires are so thin and lean that they are invisible to people, which gives a neat look of hanging a skateboard on the wall. You can buy these fishing nylon ropes according to their hold capacity and thickness, which is 0.25 mm. For heavy skateboard structures, you can buy an incremented mono fishing nylon rope, which can easily hold up the weight of almost 7.7 lbs.

3. Adhesive Strips

Adhesive strips are good for wall decoration as they are quite useful for wall hangings. You can simply use the adhesive strips to hang a skateboard on the wall, which will result in long-lasting adhesion. Command strips are the most commonly used because of their good quality and stickiness. You can put these adhesive strips on anything to stick a skateboard on the wall.

 These strips are mostly used on hooks, which hold up the hanging materials. The average weight capacity of adhesive strips for holding a 2.2 kg material is 5 lbs and for the additional weight, you can use the other one. More adhesive strips hold onto things for a longer duration of time.

4. Using Wall Mounts

For hanging a skateboard on the wall by using wall mounts includes the following steps;

  • Firstly, you need to measure the height so that you can drill the hole. Make sure that the mark should not too high or too low.
  • Secondly, using a screw you can drill the holes in the wall, which will secure the skateboard deck easily. For drilling, you can use a screwdriver, which precisely makes a hole in the center of the wall.
  • Now, you have to put the skateboard on and secure it with the bolts. Make sure that you secure it tightly so that it does not fall.
  • Twist the bolts firmly and use nuts to comfortably adjust the skateboard deck.


How do you hang a skateboard on the wall without nails?

To hang a skateboard on the wall without the nails, you can use a hook, sticky strips, fishing ropes, and wall mounts.

How do you display a skateboard on the wall?

You need to take proper measurements for displaying a skateboard on the wall. You should hang a skateboard in a way that it looks eye-catching and visible to people.

What is the cheapest way to hang skateboards?

The cheapest way of hanging a skateboard on the wall is by using fishing wire because it is so slim and almost unseen, which gives a neat wall-hanging display.

How do you hang a heavy board on a wall without drilling?

To hang a heavy skateboard on a wall without drilling you can use plastic hooks, which firmly hold a board for a longer time.

How much does a skateboard weigh?

Some skateboard decks weigh about 2 to 5 pounds while some are about 8 to 10 pounds.

How do you hang a skateboard on the wall with command strips?

Some skateboard decks weigh about 2 to 5 pounds while some are about 8 to 10 pounds.


Now, you can hang up a skateboard on your wall by following the different methods I have discussed. It is not always necessary that you drill a hole inside the wall but you can go for other economical ways as well. To give a neat and clear look to skateboard hanging you can use a thin rope, adhesive strips, or hooks instead of drilling a hole as drilling holes can create a mess.

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